PLAY4 School

PLAY4 School: ExerLearning and TEAM e3 book by Judy Shasek, launched at AAHPERD on March 29, 2011.  Lauded by educators from classroom to PE, professionals and researchers across the globe – we look forward to delivering academic success and fitness benefits to your students – while making life easier for teachers.

When we move our PLAY4 programming to the K-12 school setting we need to insure that “fitness” and time spent engaging students, staff and budgets will deliver outcomes that are both measured and meaningful in today’s educational climate. PLAY4 School integrates the powerful processes of the TEAM e3 method.

Budgets are tight, educators are busy and the needs of students are more diverse than ever. PLAY4 for School has been grounded in over 7 years of field testing and aligns with fitness, cognition and academic success indicators. (Contact us for more information and the PDF Background overview) Research has shown that interactive video games can deliver many outcomes measured by K-12 school Districts:
• Increase engagement in learning by the most challenged and challenging students
• Reduce absenteeism, often by as much as 28%
• Decrease incidence of negative behaviors among at-risk populations
• Increase productivity and focus among students
• Increase wellness (cardio, balance, agility, rhythm and cross-lateral practice)
• Increase awareness of the connection between regualr physical activity participation and cognitive improvement
• Practice at eye-tracking, patterning and prediction that is endlessly customized
• Student-led program opportunities that increase confidence, social skills, leadership and self esteem: all directly related to success at school and in the community
• Opportunity for community-school partnerships that meet a critical need for both the school and the community partner (include Service Learning opportunity)
Play4 programs are all built upon highly successful and proven exergames controlled by a mat or platform with 4 arrows – hence the name Play4. Judy Shasek developed the PLAY4 curriculum and training manuals based on over 17 years in education, the development of both Generation FIT andExerLearning programs delivered with success since 2001. PLAY4 prepares students for the 21st Century workplace.  To learn more about PLAY4 for School take a look at the curriculum model: TEAM e3.

Positive Gaming is the premiere producer of technology rhythm dance solutions delivered via a 4-arrow mat or platform worldwide. iDANCE2 is the Group Fitness incarnation of Machine Dance. It was created from the ground up as a professional solution for public and private enterprises. What separates iDANCE2 from every other form of Group Fitness is that it’s based on entertainment technologies, in that regard, it puts FUN first and builds a comprehensive fitness system around that premise. iDance products for individual players, groups of 4, 8 and 16 are also available. The iDance 2 program is ideal for the learning and fitness benefits you want for your mast challeneged and cahllenging students (who lead and manage the program), as well as all other students.


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